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I was living on the beach, using hook and line for catching fish, hunting for rabbit and selling them to survive. I later joined a football team and from there I realized how important education is through the people i met. That was the time when I began seriously with my hook and line method of fishing and selling the fish to pay for my school fees. This continued for some time until Franco, the owner of the local Italian restaurant gave me a job, which provided me with an alternative. From there, I kept up with my colleagues and never gave up. Speaking as someone coming from a similar background to those I am now trying to help, I believe there are limited opportunities for those who do not attend school.
That is why I have found it necessary to also help my people by seeking for sponsors and donors to make education accessible to the deprived children of Kokrobite.
The majority of people I grew up with didn’t go to school and are now those attacking people on the beach to get by.Unfortunately,they also train the younger ones who are not in school to steal, as that’s the only way they can survive. They rob the fishermen on the beach and sneak into people’s rooms to steal. This has made the community an unsafe place to live. I hope that by giving them another channel of life and sending them to school, that this will also help the community and Ghana in general.




Noah Ahene.

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