How to help

Below, we have outlined several ways in which you as a donor or sponsor can support the children of Kokrobitey. We believe that every little bit makes a difference and that by working together as a network of like-minded individuals we have the collective power to change the lives of many.

School Fees: Includes general education costs plus lunch for a single child for one school year.
Costs: GHc 210 (equivalent to USD 125 or 95 Euro )

Stationary: Includes all exercise books, pencils, pens and so forth for one school year.
Costs: GHc 25 (equivalent to USD 15 or 12 Euro)

Uniforms: Includes one school uniform for one single child.
Costs: GHc 30 (equivalent to USD 20 or 15 Euro)

Text Books: Includes all costs required to purchase textbooks for one school year.
Costs: GHc 45 (equivalent to USD 25 to 20 Euro)

We now sponsoring Joshua Ansah Ban, for more information contact us.

*Prices are based on current average education costs in Ghana.

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